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NPM Ltd. was established in 2005 in the vicinity of Israel’s northern shoreline, in a high tech industrial and technological park. NPM’s innovative products – ORON 56, ORON 57, ORON 60, GLOW 7 and GLOW 10 for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation are currently sold around the world and can be found at leading institutes.

Zasa Chan

Since starting my line of business in hairline embroidery, I have tried multiple products in the market and none of them come close to the effect that NPM products are able to produce. In my experience, their devices and products provide have the highest efficiency in producing effects that are similar or better than their competitors in the market. Take the roller technology for example, it has easily halved the time required for me to service each client (without compromising on quality) which translates to doubling the amount of clients serviced per day. This is very significant for any business. Additionally, NPM Israel is very supportive of NPM practitioners/distributors across the world, allowing us to focus on our art, business and helping our clients. I love the environment and company that NPM has produced and am very glad to be part of the NPM family!

Sulé Loggenberg

I had such a Fulfilling Journey with NPM thus far. Having the support of such amazing people helped me to keep believing in myself and keep growing my business. Blessed to have such a Wonderful Family!!  Proudly Representing NPM South Africa!!  #lovethejourney #enjoyingthejourney

Tina van Hese

My name is Tina van Hese and I am honored to be part of the NPM Team. I have worked with make up for many years and I choose NPM because they have the best quality pigments and leave a beautiful color on the skin. Once you use NPM, you don’t want anything else.

Burcu Soydan

The concepts of beauty and aesthetic have always been a passion for Burcu. Despite receiving university education on mathematics, she then received cosmetology education in Edith Lehmann Kosmetik Schule in Germany and shaped her whole life and career accordingly. In the following years, she turned towards the hair simulation and tattoo removal, a first in the world, in this respect, she became the master trainer of NPM company for Hair Simulation and so far she has provided defectivehair simulation and tattoo removal training with beauty experts and doctors in many cities and countries. She is also owner of Becas Medikal AŞ with her husband Esat Soydan, which is biggest medical and cosmetic company in Turkey. We are as Becas Medikal turkish distributor of NPM International since 2016 and so proud of to present such a high quality brand to türkish permanent make up artists. We are honored to be pioneering in the rapid progress of NPM PERMANENT MAKE UP, HAIR SIMULATION and TATTOO REMOVAL technique, the most techniques in the world, in Turkey and all over the world.

Miguel Muñoz

Dermatec is a company with a history and leadership of 17 years in Colombia and South America, and its main characteristic is to sell the best brands worldwide and that is why it is an ally of NPM International, a world class brand that is permanently at the forefront in the Micropigmentation industry of the World, to offer the best option to the artists of our country and region. I appreciate the trust and support provided by NPM, and we hope to contribute to your leadership.

Méhn Tünde

I’ve been working with NPM products for years and I’ve been the sole distributor of the brand in Hungary for almost 4 years. This time was enough for me to be able to say that this is the best permanent make-up family I’ve been working with! They are reliable, maximum-performance machines with perfect surface and structural design to work with incredible precision. The sophisticated design of the needles and the variety of materials in the product line always fascinate me. I’ve been working with countless machines, but none of them has approached the NPM quality! The employees of NPM come up with something new and revolutionary every year. The latest permanent make-up device, NPM Glow, also faithfully reflects this. That’s why these three letters are authentic to me. We could shorten it: Nice, Perfect, Multifunctional! I receive only positive feedback both as a distributor and a domestic expert. Machines, accessories, pigments in one brand! I highly recommend it to everyone, I can’t imagine my work without it! For me the winner is NPM in 2019!






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